Unexpectedly Closed the Connection Error

Are you getting “ unexpectedly closed the connection” error?

This type of error is common and can happen with anyone. Are you getting this error frequently? If yes you should try clearing your browser cookies and cache first. Even then if you are facing the same issue then try changing the network from which you are accessing the website. At last even this does not fix the problem try using another device and connection. I hope this will help you out. However, in some cases there are chances you may still get this error. In this you have no option but to contact the bank branch in you have your account and show them the problem. Unexpectedly Closed the Connection Error Unexpectedly Closed the Connection Error

However this is a technical problem and generally gets fixed itself after short duration of time. You are not the only one who faces this onlinesbi error. So, you need not to worry.

If you are facing this problem specially in Google Chrome then you can try these methods:

Method One for fixing Unexpectedly Closed the Connection Error

Try completely uninstalling Chrome from your device and then reinstalling again from this link?  If you are still seeing the problem, can you try the second method?

Method Two

Try using Chrome in incognito mode. (Menu > New incognito window) Do you still see the error?

Method Three

Test whether antivirus or firewall applications on your computer are causing the problem by turning them off temporarily. If you can open Google Chrome when the firewall is off, you may need to create an exception in your antivirus or firewall settings.
One common reason for this that it happens when you switch between networks while you are loading the site so you get this error as the connection unexpectedly drops and resets to a new connection.
I hope this helps. If you are still facing the error you can let us know about the problem in comments below and we will try to help you out as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “ Unexpectedly Closed the Connection Error

  1. Unable to open online Sbi in my chrome browser.It shows “the site can’t be reached”.
    Please help me to resolve the issue.

  2. Dear sir madam bank branch manager or workers kisi ki help kiyu nhi krte .branch me chkkr lagate lagate thk chuka hu koi Kam hi nhi krna chata.

  3. Please open my internet banking .me apna internet banking Ka password or username bhul gaya hu .bank manager Shab l pass ckkr Kate Kate thk chuka hu.aap meri help kriye ab me branch me nhi Jana chata mujhe ulta sidha sunate h bank worker.

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