How to link Aadhaar Card to SBI account

There are many SBI Account Holders who want their Aadhaar Card linked to their SBI online Account but they do not know the correct procedure. Following is the complete procedure for linking  Aadhaar card with your SBI account. Follow the simple steps given below to link your Aadhaar card  with your SBI Account. Here is how you link aadhaar card to sbi bank account.

1- Link Via ATM

  1. Go to the nearest SBI ATM
  2. Swipe your ATM Card & Enter the 4 digit ATM PIN
  3. Once you enter the ATM PIN then go to the “Service Registration” option from the touch screen.
  4. Then select the Aadhaar Card registration option.
  5. After that  select the account type i.e Saving Account/Current Account.
  6. Next enter the Aadhaar Card Number. You need to enter the number twice.

Thats how you link aadhaar card to sbi bank account using atm.

2- Link using Online SBI account

Visit the official website of SBI at Then login to the official website of SBI there you will see an option / link “Link you aadhaar Number” on the leftmost sidebar,  click on the link .Then you  have to fill a form which will ask you to select the SBI account you want to link, next you need to enter the “mobile number” and then Aadhaar Number and the nonce again the Aadhaar Number. After you have filled all the columns then you need to click on the “Submit” button. After sometime your Aadhaar Card will get linked to your SBI Account.

Complete procedure for linking Aadhaar card with your SBI account. Follow the simple steps provided here to link your Aadhaar card with your SBI Account.

Online SBI Homepage

3- Visiting SBI Branch

If you are unable to register your Aadhaar card Number with your SBI Account using any of the above mentioned methods then the last option to link your Aadhaar Card to your SBI Account is by visiting the SBI Branch. You need to visit the SBI home branch with a photocopy of your Aadhaar Card or e-Aadhaar Card. At the SBI home branch, a letter of Aadhaar Card linking request can be obtained by you along with the photo copy of Aadhaar Card. After the necessary verification of your Aadhaar Card  and your SBI Account the Aadhaar Card Number will be linked to your SBI Bank Account.

This is how you link aadhaar card to sbi bank account by visiting to a nearest SBI branch.

4- Linking using SMS

Linking Aadhaar card through SMS is only possible if your phone number is registered with SBI or else you will get an SMS that your Mobile Number is not registered with SBI. To link your Aadhaar Card Number with SBI,  all you need to  do is to send an SMS from your registered mobile number to 567676 in the following format

UID(space)Aadhaar number(space)Account number

Once you will send SMS on the above number in the above given format then you will get a confirmation message from SBI regarding your Aadhaar Card linking.