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Hi, I would like to know the the default SBI SWIFT Code for receiving international payments. I am working for a company in abroad from India and they have asked for SWIFT code. Also what is the swift code for receiving payment from Adsense?

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    Dec 09, 2017

    The default swift code that works for receiving any international payment is : SBININBBXXX.

    For Adsense you must give the above swift to get your payment the as soon as possible otherwise swift code nearest branch are too slow and do not so the payments fast. For receiving payments from any other country this swift code is recommended but you can use other swift which is of you branch and if your branch does not have any swift code then you use the nearest branch swift code. Hope it helps.

    For more tutorial regarding SBI online visit: OnlineSBI : SBI Net Banking Login @ onlinesbi.com

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