There can be many reasons that would make to apply for SBI account online or apply through SBI account opening form online. Many time you have visited the bank branch and may found that there is no account opening form left. This happens when there is a lot demand of account. Mostly, when there is government scheme and it requires bank accounts. Also, when students apply for scholarships and they need to open a bank account. So, whatever your reason is, today, I will tell you how to apply for an online account or how to fill account opening form online.

Steps required for filling SBI account opening form Online

  1.  Go to and click on Apply NowButton. Given below is the image for illustration.
    SBI Account Opening Form Online at
  2. After clicking on that, another page will open giving you options to fill a partially filled form (if you filled earlier) or Start New if you are applying first time. As we are applying first time, just click on “Start new” button under customer information section.
    Apply for SBI Account Online
  3. You can see a form asking all the required details for opening the sbi bank account online. First you need to fill the Customer Information section carefully and the after proceeding you have to fill the account information with caution. Make sure you fill all the details.
    SBI Account Opening Form
    SBI account opening form

Step 3 in Detail (As on SBI website):

Step 1: Fill carefully Customer Information Section

  • This section must be filled for each person who wants to open account in any SBI branch.
  • Part A is compulsory. Once you fill Part A and save the form, a Temporary Customer Reference Number (TCRN) will be generated which you should note somewhere for reference. This will be used to edit the form later or fill the partially filled form and also for linking the customer in the Account Opening Form.
  • Other parts of the form can only be filled only when you have completed Part A.

Step 2: Fill carefully Account Information Section

  • Part A: Type of Account and Services Required.
  • Part B: Nomination Form (optional but recommended).

Important Things to be followed:

  • Temporary Account Reference Number (TARN) is used for future edits and printing of the form so you must note it.
  • When you will complete the form filling successfully a SMS will be send to the provided mobile number on applicant’s mobile (the mobile number you entered in form) along with the TARN – Temporary Account Reference Number.

Step 3: Read the Savings Bank Rules

You should read the rules carefully before signing the account opening form. When you apply for Bank account, this means you are confirming that you have read and understand the rules fully and you will abide the rules of the bank. You can also take the print of the rules after the generation of TARN.
4. When you will completely fill the form, take the print of the form and submit to the nearest branch of SBI or in the bank branch in which you want to apply.

Documents Required for Opening Bank Account

Firstly you need two recent passport size colored photographs of the applicant’s.
Secondly, for identification and other proofs you can give photocopies but you have to show original ones for verification. Given below are the documents you can provide for address and identification (only one document required from each category):
Documents required for opening SBI Bank Account
Also, remember you have to fill Form 60 if you do not have PAN card with you. If you have any question regarding SBI account opening form or online application, you can ask in comment below. Feel free to ask.